Finders Keepers (Comedy Movie, HD, English, Free Movie, Full Length) watch free movies online HD
Finders Keepers (Comedy Movie, HD, English, Free Movie, Full Length) watch free movies online
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Finders Keepers (Comedy Movie, HD, English, Free Movie, Full Length) watch free movies online

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Runtime: 1:39:13
Published on Oct 31, 2018
Finders Keepers (2017): Full Length, English, Feature Film, South African Movie, Entire Comedy Movie, 2017 Full Movie, Independent Film.

Lonnie Cabot is a down-on-his-luck night-club cleaner without any friends. Well, he believes he has befriended club patron Brian Bekker, a manic depressive who is in love with dancer Sonja. Lonnie's life is flipped upside down after finding a box containing a watch and a wad of cash, hidden in a toilet and Brian convincing him to bet the cash on a horse race. What he does not know is that his Russian boss is trafficking diamonds in the walls of the box and is desperate to find his loot. Meanwhile, local g*ng leader Jackie Jardine is looking for his son's m*rderer, and he believes Lonnie is the culprit. As they cannot retrieve the cash from the bookies, Lonnie and Brian steal a valuable lucky fish in order to repay the debt to the Russian mob.

Lonnie and Brian go on the run from the Cape Town underworld, after finding a box filled with cash and a valuable wrist watch. They steal a lucky fish that they use to barter with the g*ngsters.

Story: The film's revolves around a get-rich-quick scheme devised by a janitor and a regular patron of a strip club who decide to bet diamonds, which have been smuggled by the Russian owner of a strip club, on horse racing.

Review: The son of a local gangster meets the owner of a Russian strip club, Kiril (Grant Swanby) to strike a business deal involving drugs. When Kiril notices the watch he is wearing, he realises that it's the same watch in which he had ordered diamonds to be smuggled into Cape Town. Kiril's brother m*rders the gangster's son who hides the diamonds in the toilet of the strip club. While cleaning the toilet, the club's janitor, Lonnie Cabot (Dalin Oliver) finds the watch case with diamonds and dollars. He teams up with the club regular, Brian Bekker (Neels van Jaarsveld) and bets them on race horses. Now the gangster, is out to avenge his son's m*rder, the strip club owner wants his diamonds back and Lonnie and Brian get involved in this dangerous game.

This South African production helmed by director Maynard Kraak is an amateurish attempt at tickling the funny bone. While it was intended to be a situational comedy, the gags seem laboured and the innumerable twists and turns seem forced. Comedian Dalin Oliver tries to elicit laughs with his act as a janitor who is easily bullied and is not taken seriously but his efforts don't always hit the right chord. While the makers have tried to milk the script which revolves around a watch for laughs, as a viewer you will be only keeping a close look at your watch and pray that this hair-brained comedy will be over soon. Watch a screwball comedy at home instead.

Director: Maynard Kraak
Writers: Maynard Kraak (story by), Strini Pillai (screenplay by)
Stars: Dalin Oliver, Neels van Jaarsveld, Lise Slabber

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