A real American godfather
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Original Title:Gotti
Release: 2018-06-15
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 105 min.
Genre: Crime, Drama, History

 Production Company:Emmett Furla Oasis Films (EFO Films), Highland Film Group (HFG), Michael Fiore Films, Lionsgate Premiere
 Plot Keyword:gangster
 Alternative Titles:
  • Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father
  • Gotti: Three Generations


John Gotti rises to the top of the New York underworld to become the boss of the Gambino crime family. His life takes a tumultuous turn as he faces tragedy, multiple trials and a prison sentence.
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  • John Gotti

    Characters : John Gotti

    Actor : John Travolta

    Victoria Gotti

    Characters : Victoria Gotti

    Actor : Kelly Preston

    Neil Dellacroce

    Characters : Neil Dellacroce

    Actor : Stacy Keach

    Angelo Ruggiero

    Characters : Angelo Ruggiero

    Actor : Pruitt Taylor Vince

    Angel Gotti

    Characters : Angel Gotti

    Actor : Ella Bleu Travolta

    Prosecutor Giacalone

    Characters : Prosecutor Giacalone

    Actor : Lydia Hull

    John Gotti Jr.

    Characters : John Gotti Jr.

    Actor : Spencer Lofranco

    Angel Gotti

    Characters : Angel Gotti

    Actor : Jordan Trovillion

    Nurse Snow

    Characters : Nurse Snow

    Actor : Ashley Cusato

    Frankie Gotti

    Characters : Frankie Gotti

    Actor : Nico Bustamante

    Kim Gotti

    Characters : Kim Gotti

    Actor : Megan Leonard

    Vicky Gotti

    Characters : Vicky Gotti

    Actor : Ashley Drew Fisher

    Johnny boy Ruggiero

    Characters : Johnny boy Ruggiero

    Actor : Patrick Borriello

    Dr. Carmine

    Characters : Dr. Carmine

    Actor : Luis Da Silva Jr.

    Bobby Boriello

    Characters : Bobby Boriello

    Actor : Leo Rossi


    Characters : McBratney

    Actor : Michael Woods

    Sammy Gravano

    Characters : Sammy Gravano

    Actor : William DeMeo


    Characters : Hydell

    Actor : Tyler Jon Olson

    Courtroom Attendee

    Characters : Courtroom Attendee

    Actor : Anita Farmer Bergman

    Willie Boy Johnson

    Characters : Willie Boy Johnson

    Actor : Chris Kerson


    Characters : Hitman

    Actor : Jerry Pope

    Father Damien

    Characters : Father Damien

    Actor : Victor Gojcaj


    Characters : Juror

    Actor : Lea Hutton Beasmore

    Gaspipe Casso

    Characters : Gaspipe Casso

    Actor : Andrew Fiscella

    Club Goer / Block Party

    Characters : Club Goer / Block Party

    Actor : Rachael McAdams

    Characters :

    Actor : Jay Seals


    Characters : Judge

    Actor : Joe Gelchion

    Club Partier

    Characters : Club Partier

    Actor : Michelle Poole

    Mobster- Gotti's Crew

    Characters : Mobster- Gotti's Crew

    Actor : Peter Gaudio

    No Ears

    Characters : No Ears

    Actor : Tony Luke Jr.

    Prison inmate

    Characters : Prison inmate

    Actor : Brian Wolfman Black Bowman

    Joseph 'Piney' Armone

    Characters : Joseph 'Piney' Armone

    Actor : Ken Strunk

    Officer Tim

    Characters : Officer Tim

    Actor : Shea Buckner

    Prison Guard Hanover

    Characters : Prison Guard Hanover

    Actor : Michael Compton

    Police Officer

    Characters : Police Officer

    Actor : Nathaniel Sizemore

    Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante

    Characters : Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante

    Actor : Sal Rendino

    Detective Eppolito

    Characters : Detective Eppolito

    Actor : Charles Poole

    Carlo Gambino

    Characters : Carlo Gambino

    Actor : Michael Cipiti

    Gotti Hitman

    Characters : Gotti Hitman

    Actor : Chris Victor

    Block Party Attendee

    Characters : Block Party Attendee

    Actor : Michael D Overman

    Self-Conscious Juror

    Characters : Self-Conscious Juror

    Actor : James Siderits

    1992 Gotti Lawyer

    Characters : 1992 Gotti Lawyer

    Actor : William Cross


    Characters : Anthony

    Actor : Kyle Stefanski

    Dinner Companion

    Characters : Dinner Companion

    Actor : Myra Zimmerman Grubbs


    Characters : Peter

    Actor : Nik Pajic

    Wise Guy / 4th of July Attendee

    Characters : Wise Guy / 4th of July Attendee

    Actor : Steven Schraub

    Young Peter Gotti

    Characters : Young Peter Gotti

    Actor : Carter Anderson

    District Attorney

    Characters : District Attorney

    Actor : Jim Gloyd


    Characters : Bailiff

    Actor : Adam Hicks


    Characters : Assassin

    Actor : John Merolla

    Wedding Attendee

    Characters : Wedding Attendee

    Actor : Denise Barone

    Jimmie Roselli

    Characters : Jimmie Roselli

    Actor : Robert Pavlovich

    Courtroom Lawyer

    Characters : Courtroom Lawyer

    Actor : Kenneth Meyer


    Characters : Breezy

    Actor : Nick Stanner

    John Gotti Jr.'s Son

    Characters : John Gotti Jr.'s Son

    Actor : Alec Usleaman

    Cop / Party Crowd

    Characters : Cop / Party Crowd

    Actor : Michael Lee Bailey

    Joe Gallo

    Characters : Joe Gallo

    Actor : Richard Doone

    Club Partier

    Characters : Club Partier

    Actor : Ryan Poole

    Party Goer / Block Party guest

    Characters : Party Goer / Block Party guest

    Actor : Dori Lucas

    Club Patron

    Characters : Club Patron

    Actor : Bryan Kruse

    Jury Foreman

    Characters : Jury Foreman

    Actor : Braden


    Characters : Judge

    Actor : Robert Gerding


    Characters : Barmaid

    Actor : Ruthy Froch

    Court room attendee

    Characters : Court room attendee

    Actor : John W. Harden

    Luchese family hitman

    Characters : Luchese family hitman

    Actor : John Newsom

    Wiseguy at Bar / Block Party Attendee

    Characters : Wiseguy at Bar / Block Party Attendee

    Actor : Shawn P. Farrell

    Prison Inmate

    Characters : Prison Inmate

    Actor : Michael G Wirick


    Characters : Neighbor

    Actor : Juliane Collins

    Italian Mom

    Characters : Italian Mom

    Actor : Tonya Roberts

    Paul Castellano

    Characters : Paul Castellano

    Actor : Donald John Volpenhein

    Young Angel

    Characters : Young Angel

    Actor : Kealy Welage

    Extended Family (uncredited)

    Characters : Extended Family (uncredited)

    Actor : Kathlene Ashcraft

    Courtroom Attendant (uncredited)

    Characters : Courtroom Attendant (uncredited)

    Actor : Theresa Cook

    1986 Gotti Lawyer / Sparks Steakhouse Patron (uncredited)

    Characters : 1986 Gotti Lawyer / Sparks Steakhouse Patron (uncredited)

    Actor : Michelle Dobrozsi

    Cadet (uncredited)

    Characters : Cadet (uncredited)

    Actor : Chase Dunnette

    John Gotti's Attorney (uncredited)

    Characters : John Gotti's Attorney (uncredited)

    Actor : Steven Terry Walker

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